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Wrike project collaboration adds Enterprise Grade Security

Wrike project collaboration adds Enterprise Grade Security

When security matters to your organization, posting your project information to the cloud is not an easy decision. Especially if your organization process third party information or if you manage projects for your own customers that require exchanging sensitive information.

Wrike online Work Management solution has added Enterprise-Grade security to their solutions with additional features that can let you focus on your projects while Wrike takes care of the security aspects of protecting your information.

There are three specific features that will be available to companies using the Enterprise version of Wrike:

- User Password Policies: This feature allows an administrator to set up requirements for user passwords within Wrike. These requirements may include password strength (password must be complex), password history (previously used passwords cannot be used), and password expiration (users must change password every X days).

- Controlled Admin Permissions: When you have more than one administrator, Wrike will allow you to control on a granular level what functions each admin can perform. This results in a more fail-safe and secure deployment of Wrike.

- Network Access Policy: Wrike will let you restrict the IP addresses from which your organization can access it by either specifying individual IP addresses or by adding the IP subnet. Included in this feature is a setting that will allow users to access Wrike via mobile device, which means their IP addresses will vary depending on their physical location.

To access these extra level of security your organization will require an Enterprise subscription to Wrike. Currently Wrike offers 3 levels of subscriptions:

- Free basic for small teams with basic task management requirements (up to 5 users)
- Professional for team project management and collaboration (5, 10, 15 users)
- Enterprise for teams looking for greater customization, reporting and advanced security.

Added grade of security is great but that comes with an extra price - it will all depend on your industry, your customers and your project information. For large corporations that require to comply with specific industry security regulations, this added features by Wrike are very welcome, specially since you really want to ensure your project teams can focus on the work by giving them security peace of mind!

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Posted on April 06, 2016

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