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What is ProofHub Plan and Collaborate

What is ProofHub Plan and Collaborate

Simple definition, ProofHub provides online software to help you plan and collaborate with others to ensure your team can deliver. Whether is a customer project, your own initiatives or just ideas you want to implement, ProofHub provides the software features to ensure you can track, share and organize everything into a single repository (hosted in the cloud).

ProofHub Project Management can you resolve the challenges that affect project teams:

(1) Reduce email as means of communication: Too many projects that generate tons of emails.
(2) Centralize communications: Too many options to chat and communicate with clients.
(3) Get bulletproof feedback: Too many docs, emails back and forth but no resolution.
(4) Organize project files: Too many project files, versions, where are they?
(5) User friendly software: Something easy to use and "Agile".
(6) Security and safety: Don't let a hardware crash to destroy weeks worth of work.

Because ProofHub is available "online", there is no need to install software or new hardware in your premise. Basically you sign up, create an account and you are ready to go: create tasks, share notes and files, track time, use predefined project templates, plan and schedule projects.

You can start with a FREE account called the Personal plan: 1 project, 25 MB file storage, unlimited users, proofing tool and one-to-one chat). Time tracking, Gantt chart, notes, group chat, custom roles and reports are not included in this FREE account - but it will put you up to speed with the right online project management basic software features.

From there you have various packages to choose from: starting at $20 per month (10 projects, 3GB storage, Unlimited Users) and $50 per month (40 projects, 15GB storage + Gantt chart) to the ProofHub Enterprise solution $150 per month (Unlimited projects and users, 100GB storage + all advanced features.

If you choose to sign up for the whole year; ProofHub provides additional discounts. You can also change your plan at any time.

Posted on January 28, 2017

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