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We launch our Project Management Software Comparison section

We launch our Project Management Software Comparison section

As we continue to populate this Website with reviews, articles and information related to web-based project management software, we now have a new section intended to support your project management software comparisons efforts.

This new section is accessible under the section "Price Comparisons", or you can access it directly here: Project Management Software Comparison

What we have done in the last weeks is: (1) Monitor how visitors browse some of the pages of PM_Best and (2) Review feedback that we have received directly via the website. The objective of this new section is to amalgamate relevant information into a single web page maximizing your time when looking closely at some of the project management tools out there.

How it works? Today, PM_Best features articles and reviews of online project management software and we also track their pricing plans and socialweb followers, which you can review under our Price Comparisons and Social Rankings sections.

Now if you are already working your way to a vendor shortlist, you need other various components:

(1) You want to know how a particular vendor is doing in the marketplace: Is it followed by media analysts? Does it have users and a customer base? Are people engaging the vendor into conversations? Are users complaining about it?

(2) You want to understand the various pricing plans: Do they have a Free plan? Can you upgrade and what are the upgrade options? Is the pricing competitive compared to other similar options?

(3) You want the features that your organization/project team requires: Have you define your needs and business requirements? Have you tested some of the options in your list? Do you have a feature-functionality comparison matrix?

(4) Is the on-line project management software secure? Does it provide some level of disaster recovery, backups, encryption, customer support? Is the vendor using a secured datacenter or known server hosting organization?

At the moment, We can respond to questions (1) and (2) since we track the followers base (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Linkedin, YouTube) of each of the online project management software vendors and we also track their pricing plans. Unfortunately at this time we have not yet tabled question (3) but you can always read our reviews under the Online Software section, luckily you can always test drive most of the SaaS options available in the market prior to sign-up. As for question (4), we suggest you read Is your data and privacy secure online

The Results: Coming back to questions (1) and (2): In our Project Management Software Comparison section you just simply select two choices and PM_Best will provide you with the information for those two choices. For each of the selected online software options, we will provide you with the number of followers as well as available pricing plans, so you save some clicks in our Website and can visualize in a single page all relevant information.

We hope the comparison provides you with more insight about the options out there. By the way, you can run as many comparisons as you want (Unlimited Comparisons) and share with your project team (Unlimited Users). At the moment the comparisons are "One tool" versus "The other", we hope they are useful to you. Have fun!

Posted on November 20, 2012

Tags: Comparison

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