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Top 10 Project Management Software Tools by Twitter followers

Top 10 Project Management Software Tools by Twitter followers

When looking for software tools, some project managers turn to Twitter for tips and tricks. With hundreds of online options currently sometimes not easy to come up with a cohesive initial list. As always, we turned into Twitter to check up which are the most followed online project management collaboration tools.

Chicago-based Basecamp comes on the forefront and by a lot; it seems they have found the key message and right formula to get the most followers engaged into mastering online collaboration. comes right next. boosts most of the online features you will be looking for Project dashboard, planning, reporting, tracking, resource planning, task tracking, gantt chart, etc. It has a price per user model that surpasses that of Basecamp but for the level of functionality is worth trying it.

Zoho and Podio come after; with Zoho Projects of course being part of a bigger product suite while Podio only focused on project management and collaboration tool.

Here are the top 10:

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And which project management software tools are you following?

Posted on June 14, 2015

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