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Searching and Comparing Project Management Software (Part Three)

Searching and Comparing Project Management Software (Part Three)

This post concludes our Searching for online project management tools (Part 2) series. We know that we were lacking some action in the site, but action was happening in the back office... Back in June, when we first published these series: Searching for online project management tools (Part 1), we were thinking about what a regular user must go through in order to find or shortlist online web project management software.

In Part 1 of the series, we looked at Google search engine and the kind of results that Google provides. In Part 2 of the series, we looked at Facebook and Twitter and concluded that both social networking sites can also provide valuable results based on "Likes" or "Tweets" depending on your preferences. Now, our objective is to provide some conclusions to the madness.

Searching online project management software is probably the easy step, the second step is to get to know these software vendors and how they are ranked or placed in the market. Many of us can perform a Google search or maintain Facebook or Twitter accounts, so searching and finding vendors is not such a big challenge. The big challenge is getting to know them, how many clients do they have? Are clients happy with their solution? Do clients like their solution?

Where did we start? We scanned multiple sources of information: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Linkedin and YouTube (exactly as you may do). For our project, we considered that we do not require specific software features and functions... to the contrary; we assumed that our software requirements are as simple as the vanilla version of any of the online project management software contenders. Our main goal was not about specific features or functions (this may come in future posts, yes!) but more in the line of: are people happy? Do people like the solution? So, we turn to one variable that provide some answers to these questions: "Followers".

Who follow online project management software? Clients, users, industry experts, seasoned project managers, management consultants, etc. Our only requirement was that the software vendor must be web-based, SaaS, hosted and of course, in the cloud! The more followers, the more people have interest in the project management software tool.

What we did? Based on the online project management software options that we have looked at, we reviewed their fan base ("Followers") on each of the social media platforms and calculated the total number of followers. We wanted to produce ranking comparisons to determine which vendor comes on top based on the total number of followers.

The results: After many weeks of collecting data here are the rankings comparisons (you can access them directly through our new section Social Rankings):

Online Project Management Software by All Social Media followers
View AllSocialMedia Ranking

ProjectManager leads the way with Apptivo, Podio, AtTask and TeamworkPM following suit. Interesting that ProjectManager has almost double the total number of Apptivo followers, and mind you Apptivo is not only about project management as their offering also includes CRM.

We also have the capability to display rankings per each of the major social media platforms. Just keep in mind that the data in this post is as of September 1st, 2012:

Online Project Management Software By Twitter followers
View Twitter Ranking
Online Project Management Software By Facebook followers
View Facebook Ranking
Online Project Management Software By GooglePlus followers
View GooglePlus Ranking
Online Project Management Software By YouTube followers
View YouTube Ranking
Online Project Management Software By Linkedin followers
View Linkedin Ranking

Here at PM_Best, we follow online project management software and web resources and we will keep updating the social media rankings moving forward. Questions or comments, just let us know! Stay tuned!

Posted on September 03, 2012

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