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Online Project Management Tools Twitter Rankings December 2012

Online Project Management Tools Twitter Rankings December 2012

As usual, we continue to monitor project management best tools on various social web platforms including Twitter. Last time we reviewed the most followed online project management software on Twitter was in October 2012. We are now December and before the New Year here are the changes at the Twitter ranking:

- is still the most followed project management software tool on Twitter. Now with 13,452 followers in comparison with 12,800 back in October this year.

- CobaltPM remains strong in second with 9,748 followers, but took some losses as it had 10,958 followers in October. So, it lost nearly 1,200 followers in a month or so.

- Zoho now in third position. They were 16th place in October, but we were following their ZohoProjects account and now they have consolidated all tweets under their @Zoho corporate account. They look strong as they also offer other online software services in addition to their online project management offering. This may not be fair to the rest but just keep in mind that there are other online pm vendors doing the same.

- Apptivo now in 4th place. They also had some losses as they had 9,207 followers back in October; still they remain very strong with 8,926 Twitter followers today.

- Podio had record gains! From 5,195 followers in October, they now have 8,071 Twitter followers. That is a gain of 2,800 followers in just 2 months. Amazing! Could it be that they gain customers/followers from CobaltPM and Apptivo (as they both lost followers in the same period)?

- Projecturf, AtTask, Teambox, Planbox, Basecamp, ProWorkflow, TeamworkPM, LiquidPlanner, Smartsheet, Clarizen, VPMi Professional, DeskAway, Wrike, Project Bubble and EPMLive completed the top 20 in the Twitter rankings.

The column "As % of Total" measures the percentage of Twitter followers in comparison to the total number of followers that each online SaaS provider has (as there are other means to engage such as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and YouTube).

Online Project Management Tools by Twitter followers

RankOnline Project Management SoftwareFollowersAs % of Total
16VPMi Professional1,47794.38
19Project Bubble1,16173.30

Of course that there are more online project management software tools in the market! You can access them and other Social Web indicators under the Project Management Comparisons by Social Web section of this Website.

Posted on December 09, 2012

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