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Online Project Management Tools Price Comparison Calculator

Online Project Management Tools Price Comparison Calculator

We celebrate the end of 2012 and welcome the New Year 2013 with the release of our own price comparison calculator for online project management software tools. When we started this Website back in May 2011, our objective was to provide a comprehensive view of project management software options with a very particular interest in online tools. Today, we think we have achieved that goal! Of course, we have yet to include all online tools in the market but we believe that we have built the base infrastructure to do so.

We want our Price Comparison Calculator to become the best tool for anyone looking to find, compare and review online project management software options.

Throughout this 2012, more players have joined the marketplace; some are free, some charge per user, others by projects, but there also the ones that offer unlimited users or unlimited projects or even unlimited storage. So with all of these variations, what happen when you want to compare project management tools for X users, Y projects and Z GB of storage file space in the cloud? Well, we hope that we can provide that answer!

We have developed the infrastructure to model each vendor offering and as you enter the parameters (users, projects, storage requirements), our price calculator will provide you with the best fit options and prices as per those parameters.

We thank ALL of our collaborators in this humble venture and hopefully Project Management Best Software can help project managers, PMO managers, project analyst, project coordinators, program managers and anyone involved in online collaboration to find the right software for their very specific requirements.

Some of you have already used our price calculator. Here are some of the most recent comparison requests that our price calculator has processed:

Recent Software Comparisons

  1. Compare 30 Users 100 Projects 25 GB storage
  2. Compare 5 Users 20 Projects 100 GB storage
  3. Compare 5 Users 20 Projects 5 GB storage
  4. Compare 25 Users 100 Projects
  5. Compare 10 Users 150 Projects 50 GB storage

Stay tuned for more to come from us and again if you do not find a particular software tool just let us know as we continue to search and scan for additional vendor options! Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 26, 2012

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