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Online Project Management Software Price Comparison (Part Three)

Online Project Management Software Price Comparison (Part Three)

Okay this is now part 3 of our online project management price comparison series. If you are not familiar to these series go to the end of the page to read a recap.

This is Part Three! And we tapped into "Pay-per-Projects" online project management software. You pay a monthly fee for a limited number of projects regardless of the number of users (up to the plan limit). You can upgrade your plan if you need more users, projects or storage.

Each online option shown below is categorized as: Collaboration or Comprehensive project management software. As always, the table below does not represent any software features/functions comparison. To the contrary, it is just a price comparison so you get informed about this market, its vendors, their prices and respective storage options.

Smartsheet appears on top of the table due to its competitive $15.95 per month. Unfortunately this price only gives you: 10 projects and 1 user but you get unlimited collaborators and 3 GB storage space. Yes, you can upgrade Smartsheet to 50 projects and 15 GB for $29.95 a month but you are still limited to 1 user. It is only at $49.95 per month that you can get 3 users, but for every additional user (say a fourth user) you have to pay $9.95 per user per month extra. So even though you pay per projects, Smartsheets sits in the middle as it also charges per user.

Zoho, Intervals, Basecamp are in the fight for $20.00 per month, all of them give you unlimited users and plenty of storage space: Zoho and Intervals at 5 GB win over Basecamp 3 GB offering. In terms of projects, you can do 20 projects with Zoho, 15 projects with Intervals and only 10 projects with Basecamp. Intervals also offers online invoice management and multiple customization options while with Zoho you can expand your online footprint to other Zoho applications. If you are looking for task management, to-do lists and DO NOT HAVE much interest on Gantt charts then Zoho, Intervals and Basecamp are good options for you!

If you are looking for comprehensive online project management software, then you jump to $24.00 per month with AceProject. You get unlimited users, decent 5 GB storage space and 15 projects. AceProject also includes phone, email and live chat support.

If you do well over 20 projects, then all of the above options can scale to: 25 projects (AceProject), 40 projects (Basecamp, Intervals) 50 projects (Smartsheet, Zoho, AceProject) or 100 projects (Basecamp, Intervals) or even Unlimited projects too (AceProject Gold Plan, Intervals Top Shelf Plan, Basecamp Unlimited Projects Plan). The sky is the limit!

Price Comparison "Pay Per Projects" online project management software

Color codes: Collaboration Tool Collaboration | Comprehensive Tool Comprehensive

Online SoftwareMonthly FeeUsersProjectsStorage
Smartsheet$15.951103 GBCollaboration Tool
Zoho$20.00Unlimited205 GBCollaboration Tool
Intervals$20.00Unlimited155 GBCollaboration Tool
Basecamp$20.00Unlimited103 GBCollaboration Tool
AceProject$24.00Unlimited155 GBComprehensive Tool
Smartsheet$29.9515015 GBCollaboration Tool
Zoho$35.00Unlimited5015 GBCollaboration Tool
AceProject$39.00Unlimited2510 GBComprehensive Tool
Smartsheet$49.952-35015 GBCollaboration Tool
Basecamp$50.00Unlimited4015 GBCollaboration Tool
Intervals$50.00Unlimited4015 GBCollaboration Tool
AceProject$64.00Unlimited5015 GBComprehensive Tool
Basecamp$100.00Unlimited10040 GBCollaboration Tool
Intervals$100.00Unlimited10030 GBCollaboration Tool
Total: 14 Plans

Not familiar to PM_Best or our price comparison series? Here is a recap:

- First we look at How on line project management software vendors price their SaaS: An introduction post after looking at various online project management software options

- Online Project Management Software Price Comparison Part One: With so many on-line options out there, we define software categories that bring some light into our analysis. We also got some feedback from Dhan, co-founder of Zilicus Online Project Management

- Online Project Management Software Price Comparison Part Two: We released a price comparison of "pay-per-user" online project management software.

Important Note: Even though the price is the key variable for many, keep in mind that you should also consider other factors such as features comparison, customer support (phone or email), current clients, etc. We hope that the above table can help you in your analysis of online project management software tools!

Posted on September 20, 2012

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