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Online Project Management Software Free Plans

Online Project Management Software Free Plans

As you know most (if not all) online project management software tools offer 30-day or 45-day free trial versions of their solutions, but the list of web-based options shown below offer Free plans for you to use for life until you decide to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

We sorted the list below by storage capacity so we can get a grasp of how generous some of the online vendors are. Topping the list are Comindwork and Teambox, both with 5GB of upload capacity. Ukrainian-based Comindwork pushes the envelope a bit further offering both unlimited users and projects while Teambox is limited to 5 users and 5 projects. Podio sits behind them with up to 1GB and the ability to create your own apps for online collaboration.

Mind you, with the online options that do not provide storage capacity, you can still create and manage your projects, create tasks, enter project data and effectively work their solutions. The only restriction is that you cannot upload external documents into their servers.

Here is the list of web-based project management software free plans:

Online Project Management Software: Free Plans

Web-based project management software (SaaS) tools are sorted by storage:

Color codes: Collaboration Tool Collaboration | Comprehensive Tool Comprehensive | Portfolio Tool Portfolio Management

Online SoftwareUsersProjectsStorage
ComindworkUnlimitedUnlimited5 GBCollaboration Tool
Teambox1-555 GBCollaboration Tool
Podio1-5Unlimited1 GBCollaboration Tool
AceProjectUnlimited20.25 GBComprehensive Tool
Wrike1-5Unlimited0.25 GBComprehensive Tool
OneDesk1-330.10 GBComprehensive Tool
ApptivoUnlimitedUnlimited0.10 GBCollaboration Tool
Thymer140.10 GBCollaboration Tool
EPMLiveUnlimited10.01 GBCollaboration Tool
ZohoUnlimited10.01 GBCollaboration Tool
Intervals1-41NoneCollaboration Tool
CobaltPM11NoneComprehensive Tool
Viewpath1UnlimitedNoneComprehensive Tool
Total: 13 Plans

We will continue to update the list above as we search/find additional online project management tools that support Free Plans. If you can not wait for a future update, we invite you to visit the LIVE version of this list in our new section: Price Comparisons under Software Free Plans!

If you want us to include SaaS options that you are currently evaluating or using, just leave us a comment!

Posted on October 25, 2012

Tags: Comparison

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