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HiveFlux Project Management new Features and Pricing

HiveFlux Project Management new Features and Pricing

Based in Portugal, Hiveflux project collaboration tool feature base has expanded but continues to be the core project collaboration tool with focus on projects, tasks and calendar. If task management is your primary concern, Hiveflux includes a rich feature set that will make you happy:

- Manage tasks and their sub-tasks.
- Manage your own personal tasks only available to you.
- Task broadcasting.
- Enable team members to claim unassigned tasks.
- Real-time task tracking so you know when your teammates start/end their tasks.
- Sensible alerts and notifications.
- Floating start dates
- Post task requests to your teammates.
- Undo and un-delete to recover anything.
- Generate automatic time sheet.
- Time tracking widget.
- Mark tasks as urgent and your peers will get an immediate alert.
- Time Estimates with 30 minutes slots.
- Give tasks to project members and they are automatically part of the team.
- Set email notifications.

Once your team is tracking tasks and their start/end dates, HiveFlux provides enough features for you to review calendars, set appointments, filter views by person or project and set different time zones for each user. You can also manage files and their versions as your team upload them to Hiveflux.

Latest new features released to Hiveflux:

- New Recurring Tasks: You can create recurring tasks with HiveFlux. When you add a task (or edit an existing one), and fill in the “Start Date” field, you now find new options in the “Repeat” drop down menu.

- New Activity Log on Projects: In the Project Activity log, you can you can see all the interactions within a specific Project, sorted by time and date.

- Export Event to iCal and Outlook: When you create or edit an Event, you can export it into your favorite calendar application: Apple Calendar, Google Calendar our Outlook (or any other app supporting .ics files).

- Transform a Task into a New Project: Sometimes a task can become project; specially when you start digging into the small details. With Hiveflux, you can transform a task into a Project. Create a new task, add sub-tasks, and click on the “Turn Into Project” button. The result will be a New Project, named with the former Task name, in which all sub-tasks became individual tasks.

-Duplicate Projects to Create Templates: You can duplicate any Project - active or archived, and create a new Project that includes all the tasks, sub-tasks and files that were associated with it.

In terms of pricing Hiveflux continues to offer their entry level pricing at $19 per month for up to 3 users, unlimited tasks/projects with 1.00 GB of storage. If you choose to pay annually you can get that price lower as Hiveflux offers 2 months FREE for yearly subscriptions.

For additional pricing options + web social statistics visit: Online Software HiveFlux Price Plans

Overal Hiveflux pricing remains competitive - as they have added feature/functionality - their pricing increased compared to a year go but their customer base has also increased. The added features will definitively increase your competitiveness and save you effort and time when creating new projects (from templates or archives), exporting calendar items or setting recurring tasks. In all a good choice for online collaboration and task management.

Posted on February 23, 2016

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