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Dapulse project management software innovation tool

Dapulse project management software innovation tool

Dapulse is definitely not your traditional project management software tool but rather a project management software innovation tool. At first glance Dapulse is just simple - not complex - and require very minimal (if maybe no) training at all. For some this is just to good to be true, so we decided to take a more closer look.

With Dapulse everything is about simple boards, simple clicks and no complex configurations. within minutes you and your team can define your projects and their status, assign a project owner and break up those projects into weekly tasks. Everything within Dapulse is about color coding - and yes, nothing better than colors to get your attention like Green = All okay versus Red = Stuck. Looks fancy, clever and to the point; definitely an online project management tool for everyone.


According to their web site, Dapulse is addictive meaning you are not force to use the project management tool but rather... you want to use Dapulse because it will save your team huge amounts of time on meetings and get rid of painfully long email threads.

To start, you can create boards defining time periods (Example: Jan-Feb) and the main projects. You add/assign the proper project owners and the stages. You don't really need to define a process and complex dependencies but rather "stages" are similar to "kanban" but for projects. You define each "stage" depending on your company (Example: Design, development, test, launch) and that applies across all projects. That seems to make sense, for instance if your management want a quick status view for all projects => all projects can be reported within the same view, all projects have the same stages => simple terms, there are no exceptions. Technically this seems to work perfect when you are a small to mid-size team.

Let's talk in color! For each stage you can define status and each status can be color coded - that is nice! you really get a feeling of where you stand - and you get to use the boards with your project teams live! it is so simple to modify/add/verify/update the high level project kanban all at once - it will ensure you, your teammates and project leads have all the same understanding - so by end of day you are done - and ready to start the next week.

For the specific tasks, Dapulse helps you define "team weekly tasks": this works very similar to the boards. You can track what really matters: who is doing the task, assign the tasks to each project and use colors to highlight their status.

As you add more projects to the boards and tasks to the projects - your management view could become a bit overloaded. Dapulse provides a very flexible filter bar (on the top) which allows you to filter by any text (owner, project, tasks, etc.). For instance if you have a project called "Hardware installation" then you search on that term and get to see all related board items and tasks for that project.

Additionally you can also define customer projects - this gets added as another property to the board, and yes! you can search by customer - and get to see all the activity for that customer. Plus you can define those customer projects under "Shareable Boards" and have your customer login as guest. Guest users only have access to what you choose to share with them and they can post comments and updates as needed.

Once you master the boards, Dapulse notifications methods are empowered by social media features that we have become used to from using Facebook, Twitter, etc... You can comment on tasks, like comments, add files, add subscribers (so they get your updates). As you keep using Dapulse you keep on centralizing the information in one single cloud - sharing is power - and as more projects get posted, more data gets uploaded - you and your peers are creating your own knowledge base @ Dapulse.

Pricing for Dapulse goes from $25 per month (5 users) for the "Basic feature set" to $118 per month (5 users) for the "Enterprise" version. You have predefined packages for 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 200 users - which you can apply for any of their versions. The "Basic feature set" can get you going - but most interesting is the "Standard" that covers: Shareable Boards with guest access, external integration (Dropbox, Google Drive), 50GB of storage, Send emails to dapulse and priority support. If you want Unlimited Guests and 24/7 support then you need to for the "Pro". Or go with the "Enterprise" if your organization is concerned with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Dapulse main offices are located in Yehuda Halevi 48, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Posted on March 27, 2016

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