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CobaltPM project management tool updated pricing

CobaltPM project management tool updated pricing

CobaltPM project management tool provides enterprise-grade functionality in an easy to use, web-based solution at affordable pricing. It was solution envision to mid-size and small project teams looking to benefit from the same feature base as large organizations have at their disposal but paying a fraction of such cost.

We look at CobaltPM some time ago here: Cobalt online project management for the whole team

Its full feature set continues to position CobaltPM as a comprehensive software solution with Gantt chart views that web-based task management tools do not provide. CobaltPM is suggested for organizations looking to embrace core project management best practices. Yes, you can still use CobaltPM to just manage tasks but why not using its capabilities to its full extend including resource management, issue tracking and risk management:

- Project Scheduling
- My Task List
- Calendar
- Time Tracking
- Resource Management
- Executive Dashboard
- Reporting
- Issue Tracking
- Risk Management
- Change Request Management
- Document Sharing
- Multi-Project Gantt Charts

As CobaltPM continues to add functionality to its core feature base, its pricing offering has evolved as well. CobaltPM used to offer pricing plans based on number of users (small, medium, large or extra-large teams) and that have changed to a more simple strategy for the good:

- Full User access: $29.00 per user per month: These users can have role of Administrator or Project Manager. Full users can create and edit information, collaborate, and update progress in the projects that they have access to.

- Team member access: $9 per user per month: These users can provide status updates and comments on their tasks but cannot manage projects.

- Free Unlimited guests: read-only users with limited access to log in and view the status of the projects they are granted access to.

In other words; of your team consists of 1 project manager, and 10 developers, then you end up paying $29 + $9 x 10 = $119 per month + Unlimited guests. If you want to share the project status view with 5 company directors, they do not pay a fee. By the way if you prepay for a year then CobaltPM offers two months free.

Posted on March 17, 2016

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