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Pay per User x Month

You pay per user per month. You get Unlimited Projects and storage space (up to the plan limit). You can add more users as they are required, each user gets additional storage space.

Online SoftwareUser/MonthStorage
Redbooth$5.00UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
Asana$8.33UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
Podio$9.00UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
ProWorkflow$10.00NoneCollaboration Tool
Apptivo$10.003 GBCollaboration Tool
Viewpath$12.95UnlimitedComprehensive Tool
Smartsheet$14.003 GBCollaboration Tool
Celoxis$14.950.50 GBComprehensive Tool
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Unlimited Projects x Month

Online SoftwareMonthly FeeStorage
Mavenlink$19.00UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
HiveFlux$19.001 GBCollaboration Tool
HappyTodos$19.001 GBCollaboration Tool
Planbox$20.00UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
Planbox$40.00UnlimitedCollaboration Tool
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Pay per Projects x Month

You pay a monthly fee for a limited number of projects regardless of the number of users (up to the plan limit). You can upgrade your plan if you need more users, projects or storage.

Online SoftwareMonthly FeeStorage
Apollo$14.005 GBCollaboration Tool
Doolphy$16.005 GBCollaboration Tool
5pmweb$18.002 GBCollaboration Tool
Projecturf$20.005 GBComprehensive Tool
Basecamp$20.003 GBCollaboration Tool
Intervals$20.005 GBCollaboration Tool
Zoho$20.005 GBCollaboration Tool
ProofHub$20.003 GBCollaboration Tool
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Unlimited Users and Projects

Online SoftwareMonthly FeeStorage
HappyTodos$19.001 GBCollaboration Tool
Thymer$75.9550 GBCollaboration Tool
Zoho$80.0030 GBCollaboration Tool
AceProject$99.0020 GBComprehensive Tool
Apollo$148.0075 GBCollaboration Tool
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Free Online Software Plans

Online SoftwareUsersProjects
AceProjectUnlimitedUp to 2Comprehensive Tool
ProofHubUnlimitedUp to 1Collaboration Tool
EPMLiveUnlimitedUp to 1Collaboration Tool
ZohoUnlimitedUp to 1Collaboration Tool
ApptivoUnlimitedUnlimitedCollaboration Tool
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