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Zoho Online Project Management Planning Software is the top level domain for Zoho Projects, an online project management and planning software that provides project teams with a web-based collaborative environment. Zoho Projects can also include a bug tracking module specifically design to support software development project activities.

Zoho is not a new kid in the block; actually they have been in business for the last 15 years as Zoho Corporation. As Zoho Corporation, they launched and currently maintain WebNMS, a telecom network management system formely known as AdventNet, and ManageEngine, an innovative enterprise IT management software. Zoho's efforts to coup with the demand for cloud-based solutions is what we know today as

Since its inception, has launched various online applications including CRM, Office Suite, Project Management, Invoicing and Web Conferencing. As per the web site: today more than 5 million users work online with Zoho.

Some of the features that has included in Zoho Projects are Task Management, Time Tracking Software, Bug Tracking Software, Project Reports, Project Calendar & Meetings, Online Project Chat, Project Wiki (Intranet) and Document Management. More importantly for software techies, Zoho Projects support HTTP APIs so that you can build customized online project tools to push or pull your project data, or if you prefer you can use their webapp for mobile phones (iphone or android).

They maintain three levels of service:

- Enterprise: 80 dollars per month or 599 per year. Unlimited projects and users. Full functionality including Reports Tab (across all projects). 30 GB Storage Space and 20 project templates.

- Premium: 35 dollars per month or 299 per year. 50 projects and unlimited users. Full functionality but no access to Reports Tab. 15 GB Storage Space and 10 project templates.

- Express: 20 dollars per month or 199 per year. 20 projects and unlimited users. Only Time Tracking and Sync Google Tasks. 5 GB Storage and 8 project templates.

There are additional fees to access: wiki (for corporate intranet), chat rooms, bug tracker add-on. Although only the Enterprise plan provides the full functionality, all plans provide access to: basic task management features, import MS and Basecamp Projects, dashboard & forums, file sharing, RSS Feeds & iCalc, portal customization, integration with Google Apps, task dependency and reports, user management, email collaboration, project webapp for mobile, calendar & meetings.

They also offer a FREE 1 project with unlimited users and 10 MB file storage. We are actually very tempted to give it a try since their user interface looks very clean and intuitive.

In terms for support, you can not expect less from Zoho, they feature a very complete FAQ and Video sections as well as searchable help area with a hierarchical navigation tree.

If multi-national project teams are challenge to you, Zoho Projects boosts what we believe if the best language lineup so far including: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. maintains offices in Pleasanton(California), Chennai(India), Yokohama(Tokyo) and Beijing(China).

Posted on December 01, 2011

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    • AmeenJaulim wrote on November 11, 2012:
    • Messrs,
      I am senior manager of Batimex Limited and would be interested to use ZOHO facilities.

      Please send me your proposals.

      Kind Regards
      Ameen Jaulim
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