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Wrike Practical Project Management

Wrike Practical Project Management

Wrike is an on-demand, Web-based project management application. Wrike helps users save time on planning, processing, tracking and completing their projects. Due to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) nature, Wrike online project management remains very competitive when compare to the cost of implementing an enterprise project management suite.

Wrike Corporation position itself as the leading provider of on-demand project management software for small and midsize companies. It is a privately held corporation located in Silicon Valley, USA and founded by Andrew Filev who is its current CEO and manages to maintain a blog called Project Management 2.0 with his views on the subject. Wrike has offered its services for more than 5 years.

Some of Wrike key features include: manage multiple projects, view Gantt charts, apply several work-breakdown structures, add tasks, files and comments from email accounts, share any kind of file, access tasks through iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry apps, log time spent on each task, nothing to install or update since Wrike is web-based.

Wrike web-based project management software is available on four payment plans which differ on number of users and storage capacity. They also offer a 15-day trial account. All plans provide unlimited projects but there is a maximum amount of information you can store per plan. They also provide FREE Unlimited Viewer Licenses so your clients or contractors can view the project schedule.

- Up to 5 Users and 5Gb Storage for $49 per month.
- Up to 15 Users and 15Gb Storage for $99 per month (labeled as Most Popular Plan by Wrike).
- Up to 25 Users and 50Gb Storage for $129 per month.
- Up to 50 Users and 100Gb Storage for $199 per month.

Update May 24, 2012: Wrike on-line project management pricing remains the same: $49, $99, $129, $199 per month for 5, 15, 25, 50 users with same storage allocation as shown below. Still all plans include unlimited projects. Wrike Unlimited Viewer License is now called Unlimited collaborators and it offers much more functionality: Collaborator users can review tasks, add comments, attach and view files, and complete tasks. What else? There is also a FREE version available for up to 5 users, unlimited collaborators and some key features (with no premium features as Wrike puts it), no bad to give it a try!

Wrike has provided their on-line project management solution to customers in 55 countries. They do an excellent job in communicating their success stories which is an interesting proof of their track record. Their website is available in both English and Spanish, which implies that Wrike supports both languages.

Wrike also positions its on-demand software as a Practical Project Management solution. Their integration of email into the project management environment proposes a new formula similar to what social networks are doing. If you happen to be using Microsoft Project, Wrike can import your Microsoft Project data as well.

Posted on June 27, 2011

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