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Viewpath Online Project Management Software

Viewpath Online Project Management Software

Viewpath online project management solution was developed in 2003 by seasoned project management specialists. The ultimate objective of Viewpath is to provide anywhere-access to projects and dramatically simplify the day-to-day management of projects and events.

Currently Viewpath maintains central offices in the city of Bellevue, Washington, USA. As per their Website, its online project management solution can be used for everyday projects, both on and off the job in a number of distinct areas such as: Product Launches, Conference Planning, Grant Administration, Client Proposals, Website Development, Equipment Installations, Home Remodels, Marketing Campaigns, Real-estate Development, Courseware Design, Medical Research, Charity Events, Mergers and Acquisitions, Software Development and Feasibility Studies.

What does Viewpath Release 3.0 supports?

- Multi-Project Portfolio Management: Create any number of projects and view high-level dashboard with important milestones.

- Gantt Charts with Drag-and-Drop Scheduling: Perform inline editing, drag/drop column reordering to build comprehensive Gantt Charts with milestones, duration buffers, and color-coded status indicators.

- Resource Allocation: Optimize daily work plans with drag-and-drop resource-utilization views. View and adjust tasks based on the availability of the assigned resources.

- Tasks Dependencies and Constraints: Create dependencies: Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish. Set constraints: Must-Start-On, Must-Finish-On, etc. on any tasks.

- Consolidated Task Assignments: Allow each resource to organize and prioritize daily tasks on a single page across all projects.

- Documents and Discussion Threads: Upload documents, attach links to external docs (e.g. Google Docs), or add discussions threads to any task.

- Unlimited Guest Users: Invite Guests to participate in projects. They cannot view the entire Project but can update assigned tasks on their Today page.

- Unlimited Observers: Invite any number of Observers to view Projects, see full Gantt chart. Observers can also add discussion comments and update progress on their assigned tasks.

- Project Templates: Create projects using predefined templates.

- Project Data Import/Export: Import/Export project data using MS Project files or CSV file format.

- Email Notifications: Configure email notifications based on assign activities.

- Custom Reports, PDF Printing and Saving: Generate custom reports across multiple projects with any combination of user-defined selection criteria (filters) and accumulative column sorting. Design custom page layouts for PDF printing or saving.

- Multiple languages support: Collaborate real-time in multiple languages with built-in Translation tool.

- Permission Settings: Define secure access rights for any resource to View or Edit a Project.

- Miscellaneous "To Do" Items: Create tasks on the Today page not related to any specific project.

- Preferred Date Format and Holidays: Apply a preferred date format for each user. Add holidays to your project schedule so they are excluded.

- Burn-down Charts: The Burn-down chart graphically tracks actual work vs. planned work from the Baseline snapshot.

- Sprints (Agile Project Management): Ability to focus on a group of tasks for a specific time frame, e.g. 2 weeks. You can measure Sprint progress with the Burn-down chart.

- Cost Tracking on Each Task Row: Track cost summaries (throughout activity hierarchy) on Labor, Material, and Other. Viewing rights on cost fields is a user-by-user setting for each project.

- Baseline Snapshot: Capture planned versus actual data on each task and summary roll-up level.

- Graphical Time Sheets: Log Time Sheet entries thru an intuitive graphical format. This design lets you view and edit time data incrementally or cumulatively on an adjustable timeframe. You can enter time on a single Time Sheet for each Project. Or, you can access a consolidated Time Sheet on the Today page spanning all of your projects.

- Bill Rate: Specify an hourly rate for any Resource on a project and Viewpath will automatically calculate Labor Cost based on Work hours for each task.

- Google Calendar Synchronization: Sync tasks or milestones to dedicated Google Calendar that can be shared with others.

- Open ID: Use "single sign-on" access from other accounts like Google Apps and Salesforce.

How much does Viewpath cost? As an online project management software solution, ViewPath offer 2 plans. The good news is that one of them is Free:

- Starter Edition: Free, no time limit, unlimited projects. Limited to basic functionality, you can add guests and team members but you can not upload documents.

- Team Edition: $12.95 per user per month. Access to all features and functions, you can add guests and observers and additional users at your own discretion. There appears to be no disclaimer about the amount of storage space available per user (as of the time of this post). Update October 23rd, 2012: Viewpath confirmed to us that their Team Edition supports unlimited storage capabilities.

Discounts are also available based on number of users (Up to 10% for more than 20 users) and payment frequency (Up to 10% if you pay upfront for 12 months).

The verdict: Is Viewpath the right option? At $12.95 per user per month, Viewpath is very affordable and user-friendly. If you are looking for a day-to-day online software tool that does not have a high degree of complexity, you should try out Viewpath.

Their Starter Edition provides enough functionality for you to manage a first initial project. As you feel more comfortable then you can always upgrade to their Team Edition, which we consider to be within the comprehensive Project Management software category. Viewpath may not be as sexy as other options in the market, but it does the job in a clean and efficient manner.

Posted on September 06, 2012

Visitor Comments

    • Viewpath wrote on September 08, 2012:
    • Thank you for your in depth review. We are proud of the powerful project scheduling capabilities built into Viewpath, and the user access permissions wrapped in our simple to use interface. I am glad to answer your questions:

      What is the storage space available for the Team Edition plan? Is there is a limit?

      Team Edition users have unlimited document upload capability.

      We understood that document upload is not possible for the Starter Edition, but is there a storage space related to the project data that can be maintained in the free account?

      The free Starter Edition restricts users from uploading documents. However, the Starter Edition does not set any limits on the storage space related to any other project data. For example, free users can add unlimited tasks, comment threads, or attach unlimited links to external stored documents such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

      Is the Starter Edition limited to 1 user per organization (the creator) or you can have many users as with the Team Edition but with limited functionality?

      Organizations are not limited in the number of Starter Edition users. Anyone on the Starter Edition can add unlimited Guests from any organization. Guests do not have full project visibility, but it is easy for them to collaborate on assigned activities. Starter Edition users also have the ability to share the entire project by using the PDF functionality Viewpath has built in. Anyone on the Team Edition can add unlimited resources from any organization as a Guest, or as an Observer who can view the entire project.
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