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ProofHub Project Management Made Easy

ProofHub Project Management Made Easy

As per their own words, ProofHub is a web based project management and collaboration software that helps manage projects, schedule, discussions, work and communications with your clients & team members.

ProofHub is intended to resolve 6 present challenges that affect project teams:

(1) Reduce email as means of communication: Too many projects that generate tons of emails.
(2) Centralize communications: Too many options to chat and communicate with clients.
(3) Get bulletproof feedback: Too many docs, emails back and forth but no resolution.
(4) Organize project files: Too many project files, versions, where are they?
(5) User friendly software: Something easy to use and "Agile".
(6) Security and safety: Don't let a hardware crash to destroy weeks worth of work.

What is ProofHub web-based software capable of?

- You can manage your projects by dividing it into topic threads that get updated in real-time as you interact with your clients and team members. You can create topics as you work in your projects and want to keep track of any activity that affect the project.

- You can define milestones and to-do lists; assigned them to project members and automatically sent notification updates to them. You can review all of these items into a comprehensive calendar view.

- You can create and group multiple timesheets by date, hours spent, user or task.

- You can store, share, and access files in ProofHub from anywhere with an internet connection. You can attach files up to 100MB and also import them from Google drive. ProofHub also enables you to preview files in PDF, Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. so you do not need to download them.

- You can use ProofHub proofing tool which helps you to review & approve complicated and time critical design work. With the proofing tool, you can review the graphic and design work by providing your feedback in comments and by highlighting the design portion you want to change; all without downloading a plugin or installing additional software.

- You can chat with your clients and team members in one online integrated environment, without having to sign into dozens of chat providers. ProofHub stores chat history so you can search and view past conversations and post important chats as topics for discussion.

- You can configure email notifications so you get updates on projects, completed to-dos, etc. At the same time your email replies will be automatically added right to the project.

- ProofHub project management software enables you to connect your Gmail account, Google calendar and Google docs.

- You can customize ProofHub with your own logo, colour themes or set your domain preferences.

How much does ProofHub Software cost? ProofHub offers a Free basic package with Unlimited Users but limited to only 1 project with up to 250MB; which is a great start if you are ready to make the jump. From here, you can go to Unlimited Users, 10 projects and up to 1GB for $15.00 per month; this sets ProofHub well into the Pay per Projects web based software category. As you increase number of projects or the size of your organization then you have standard, premium, enterprise. See ProofHub pricing packages for additional options.

What do we think of ProofHub Software? ProofHub has a solid user interface; it has taken social media into its project management software tool. Simple to use and very intuitive, you will not require much training if you are ready to dig into it. The proofing tool is a very nice addition; real-time commenting and email notifications are easy to set up and you do not need to invest much time in set up or revolt your project management practice. ProofHub free roam space adapts to your needs as you see fit; and you can also learn from its structure to improve the way you manage your projects. With a free package that offers 250MB, nothing stops you from trying it. And @15.00 per month for 10 projects, ProofHub is an excellent collaboration tool for both the small, mid-size and large enterprise.

Posted on August 05, 2013

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    • Adam wrote on February 03, 2014:
    • I love Proofhub. With this tool you can simply add people into your account, assign them tasks, hold discussions, track progress and keep everything under control.
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