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Projecturf a beautiful web based project management app

Projecturf a beautiful web based project management app

Like other next-generation web-based project management software in the market, Projecturf was developed because its creators (Web-design company Rareview) were unhappy with the apps available. And so, they took the matter in their own hands and created a beautiful piece, both in terms of interface and functionality.

Projecturf saw the light in March 2008 even though Rareview created it nearly 7 years prior. Since then, Projecturf has seen multiple versions, new interface and lot more features added. Today Projecturf is running on its version 3.0 with various enhancements including Task Level Budgeting, New Reporting and Tracking Capabilities as well as Improved Page Loading Speeds.

Today Projecturf offers various pricing plans directed to individuals, small businesses and even large enterprises. What is Projecturf capable of?

- Project Management: You can create projects, tasks and their subtasks. You can set up project templates to quickly create new projects including their tasks, contacts and groups. The Projecturf interface provides you with "Tabs" to quickly switch from one project to another. For each project you can access various sections: tasks, calendar, files, discussions, etc. Depending on the project, you can also choose to deactivate some of these sections as well.

- Task Management: You can assign tasks to individual users or multiple people (thru user groups). You can also break up tasks into subtasks.

- Project Discussions, Notes and Whiteboard: You can create discussions for each project to share comments and collaborate with your project members. You can also add notes should you want to add additional information to tasks, events or tickets. Projecturf also provides its own whiteboard where you can simply share anything.

- Bug Tracking and Tickets: For each project, you can create/assign/track bugs or support tickets. You can even attach screenshots depending on the severity.

- Full Events Calendar: You can review your tasks and drag/drop events within Projecturf calendar view.

- Dynamic Gantt Chart: You can review and accommodate tasks thru Projecturf drag and drop capabilities. You can also resize their duration directly in the chart.

- Project Budgets: You can track project budgets based on time or costs.

- File sharing: You can upload/store multiple files into a project. File versioning is supported.

- Rate & approve designs: If you do web design projects for your clients, you can upload your designs and let your clients or peers comment, rate or approve them within Projecturf.

- User/Group Management: You can create users and organize them by groups. Groups can also have their own set of access permissions. You can also assign tasks to user groups and maintain multiple administrators.

- User/Group Permissions: You can grant and change access permissions in every section of the app per individual user or via a user group, the choice is yours. You can also set privacy controls for items that you do not want to share with your project team yet.

- Timesheets: You can time your work directly in the Projecturf app and use timers on multiple projects at the same time!

- Email Notifications and Reply: You can set up email notifications within Projecturf and if/when you reply via email, Projecturf will automatically sync your reply online and notify everyone.

- Reports and Graphs: Various reports are available within Projecturf. If you think the interface is cool wait to see the reports!

- Activity and RSS Feeds: You can access your project dashboard to see all activities or use your project unique RSS feed to maintain yourself up-to-date.

- Instant Search: Find something anywhere within Projecturf.

- Export and Integration options: You can backup your project data on your computer and/or download events to iCal, Outlook and Google. Google docs integration is also supported.

- Security: Projecturf uses 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all data transfers (higher than the usual 128-bit SSL). Servers are hosted with Rackspace, a very well-known SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter.

How much doest Projecturf cost? Projecturf offers various pricing plans directed to individuals, businesses and enterprises. All plans (except for the basic ones) offer unlimited users and storage capacity which is great! But there is a caveat: there is a file size limit defined for each plan so depending on your needs/industry you may have to opt for a bigger plan should you want to upload a +300MB file.

- Individuals 1 Project: $9.99 per month, unlimited users, 2GB storage limit, up to 50MB file size limit.

- Individuals 5 Projects: $19.99 per month, unlimited users, 2GB storage limit, up to 50MB file size limit.

- Business 20 Projects: $39.99 per month, unlimited users, unlimited storage, up to 250MB file size limit.

- Business 40 Projects: $69.99 per month, unlimited users, unlimited storage, up to 250MB file size limit.

Projecturf provides 30% discount for non-profit and charity organizations. For more pricing options you can go to Projecturf pricing plans.

Is Projecturf beautiful? Our verdict is Yes! Projecturf offers a clean and sleek interface, it is well-refined and their ultimate version includes "Tabs" so you can easily switch between projects. In terms of features, Projecturf does not have all the tasks dependencies that you can wish for, but it gives you the ability to define subtasks without adding complexities that (probably) are not required for small or mid-sized companies. Projecturf pushes their simple concept even further by providing a Dynamic Gantt Chart where other options can not, and for that reason we see them as Comprehensive Project Management software.

In addition to all of the above, Projecturf leads the pay per projects category with a best price of $9.99 per month. It is limited to 1 project (with unlimited users) but once you try it you can upgrade it to other pricing plans with Unlimited Storage capacity. In all, Projecturf is a great option especially for freelancers or web design companies looking for unlimited space to upload and share information with their customers!

Posted on November 06, 2012

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