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Podio Project Management Collaboration Platform

Podio Project Management Collaboration Platform

Podio is all you dream of on-line project management and collaboration systems, at least if you love "Social Web" bundled with innovative project management techniques. Podio is fully customizable (you can even create your own apps) or launch your own social intranet site for online collaboration.

Podio was founded in early 2009 out of Copenhagen, Denmark by Jon Froda and Anders Pollas with founding developer Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen. Even though they operated as a Web-based business back then (under the name of Hoist), their official launch was made in San Francisco in March 2011 by Podio CEO Tommy Ahlers. Just a year after, in March 2012 Podio celebrated one million Podio Apps installed including: 40,000 organizations using Podio on-line in 170 different countries. Today Podio supports English, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Franch, Italian, Danish, Chinese and Russian.

In April 2012, Citrix Systems acquired Podio. Have not heard of Citrix? They are a multinational corporation founded in 1989 that provides desktop virtualization (XenDesktop), networking (NetScaler), software-as-a-service (SaaS) such as GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GotoTraining, GoToAssist, Sharefile, and cloud computing technologies (XenServer). Now with the backing of Citrix, Podio should be able to increase its customer base and expand their offerings by leveraging Citrix current offerings and customers.

What can you expect from Podio? Many on-line things including:

- On-line Project Management: Manage and share tasks. Attach and shares files to tasks. Coordinate project Meetings thru GoToMeeting. Create tasks, comment, add attachments via email. Mobile support via free mobile apps (or create your own with no technical skills required).

- Social Intranet and Collaboration: You can utilize Podio as your intranet portal and get all your projects and files in one central location. Similar way you use Facebook and Facebook Apps with your friends. Now with Podio, you have the opportunity to take the latest social capabilities into your organization. Podio also maintains its own App Market, so either you build your own App or someone has already done it for you.

- Software Product Development: If you are a software developer, you can use Podio to plan your next software releases, track software bugs, manage project milestones and tasks. There are many Podio Apps available that can be customized to your particular software project.

- CRM Software and Lead Management: If your projects are based on servicing your own clients, Podio can help you maintain your sales prospect and follow-up information in one central location. You can manage leads, track sales and assess your sales funnel as you are working on other projects. As you close sales and create projects you have all the history within Podio.

- Recruiting Software: If some of your projects require you to recruit new personnel, you can access Podio recruiting software: create web forms for applicants, track job applications, organise interviews, you can even customize Podio so it matches your hiring process as you see fit.

- Event Management: Organize events and manage attendees. Manage deadlines, tasks and responsibilities associated with each step of your event preparation and planning. Create web forms for event registration and sign up.

- Meeting Management: Create meeting agendas, share and coordinate meetings, forward meeting invitations to your team members, coordinate online meetings thru GoToMeeting, all within Podio.

- Integration Options: In addition to access Podio Apps from their marketplace, you have also access to integration with various on-line services including: File Sharing (YouSendIt, ShareFile, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync), Help Desk and Support Ticket System (Zendesk), Email Marketing Campaign (Campaign Monitor), Google Apps Mail, Host Web Conferencing (GotoMeeting), Invoicing Tools (Freshbooks), Notes and Content Sharing (Freshbooks), Structured Workflow and Business Documents (Google Docs), Calendar (Google Calendar and Outlook calendars using Microsoft Exchange).

Podio Pricing? As other project management collaboration tools, Podio uses a very straight forward pricing approach:

- Free plan: Up to 5 Employees (in the same company), Up to 5 external members, Unlimited Workspaces, Unlimited Apps, 1GB Storage, Access to all features but no user administration, enhanced user permissions and usage reports.

- Pay per use: $8 per employee per month, Unlimited external members, Unlimited Workspaces, Unlimited Apps (as long as you are paying for your employees), Unlimited Storage, Access to all features, Phone support.

The bright side to their pricing is that you can invite as many external members as you want to collaborate online. As your external members start to interact with you, they too may choose to join Podio under the pay per use plan.

Is Podio for You? We think that Podio opens many possibilities to online collaboration and project management. Thinking about it, people now use Facebook to manage personal meetings and birthday parties... Is Podio the corporate version of Facebook? Only time will tell. There are some limitations to Podio though: there is no native support for Gantt charts, complex task dependencies or resource management... But on the other hand, anyone can create a Podio App to solve those issues, right?

Podio biggest advantage is their Social Web functionality and its App Store. I mean one million App installed among their customer is a big number to scare any potential competitor. Can Podio automate and solve all of issues present in project management? Probably not, but at least you can have some fun in the journey. If you have some time to try it out, it will be time well spent as Podio represent the best of Social Web + Project Management out there!

Posted on August 01, 2012

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    • Hank wrote on August 08, 2012:
    • Try out HappyTODOS, a web based project management tool. Its provides a 15 day free trial.
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