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LiquidPlanner Online Project Management

LiquidPlanner Online Project Management

LiquidPlanner Online Project Management and Planning Software provides organizations with the web-based tools needed to organize ten or hundreds of projects. LiquidPlanner features include: manage multiple clients and projects in one integrated workspace, super flexible structure for grouping projects and tasks, smart filtering so you can zoom in and out with ease, store and share documents with your team and clients, import project data from Microsoft Project or Excel, and vital social web features. Hopefully you get the idea: LiquidPlanner is able to keep everything from large projects to small tasks in once central plance.

Incorporated in 2006, LiquidPlanner maintains its head offices in Bellevue, WA. Its founders, Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson, were senior managers at This is good news! because it means that they had on-hands experience at one of biggest online companies out there. LiquidPlanner advisory team also includes: Barney Harford, CEO of Orbitz Worldwide, and Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx, an online resource for software development best practices.

LiquidPlanner incorporates social features as a vital part of modern project management such as comment streams that capture project discussions minimizing email dependency, and detail pages that automatically organize project details and attachments. LiquidPlanner supports multi-project scheduling tools with drag and drop capabilities, best and worst case estimation, and customizable availability for every project team member. In terms of reporting and analytics, LiquidPlanner is flexible and extremely customizable with automatically generated reports for every project, auto-populated individual timesheets, and options to export data to CSV, Quickbooks or XML. A LiquidPlanner iPhone and iPad application is on the works as we publish this note.

LiquidPlanner feature update August 22, 2012: LiquidPlanner feature list continues to expand. In addition to their multi-project scheduling tool and integrated commenting system, they have now added Business Intelligence for your projects: a real-time analytics report builder that can help you customize views and reports based on real-time data. LiquidPlanner for iPad, iPhone and Android are also available and Free for download.

LiquidPlanner pricing update August 22, 2012: With more than a year ago when this post was published and LiquidPlanner pricing remains the same:

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial or directly engaged them through their monthly or yearly plan. We liked what LiquidPlanner did in terms of pricing: It is simple! They provide Unlimited Projects, Free Portal Guests, 50 GB of File Storage, Scheduling, Collaboration, File Sharing, Time Tracking and Reporting; all for $29 per month per named user, which as they explained comes to less than $1 per day... this is certainly music to the CFO.

Now, if you are certain that you will be using their solution for a year or so, you can opt for their 12-month prepayment and you can save 17%. For larger project management teams you can contact their sales team to obtain volume pricing, customized training and adoption coaching.

Update August 22, 2012: The only twist to their pricing is a 50% discount available for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and Free licenses for educational use.

Certainly LiquidPlanner is playing the win-win game. They have a seasoned team, a very straighforward marketing strategy, simple pricing scenario and they know how to track their product reviews.

Posted on June 28, 2011

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