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Dovico Web Timesheet Project Management Software

Dovico Web Timesheet Project Management Software

Dovico was created to offer Employee Time Tracking Software to help increase enterprise productivity, profits, automate timesheets, and facilitate time and billing. During its early years, Dovico produced hardware "white collar system" which allowed workers to log their time while in the job - this was in the 1990s so there was no smartphone, neither tablets - so the concept was that if you carry this initial Dovico device, you could log your time and eventually download the data to a desktop computer.

Eventually Dovico replaced the "white collar system" by its IT-Track software - initially directed to laptop users and then PALM PDA users (PALM was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010). As the concept of "Software as a Service" developed; Dovico then re-launch their software as an online web-based timesheet project management software.

Dovico's latest iteration is now a fully hosted and SaaS: Dovico Timesheet Software, a user friendly solution that monitors employee timesheets and expenses for employees, teams and departments based on time, costs, projects and tasks. Its web features include:

- Supports billable, non-billable, overtime, flexitime. Time and expenses into one system.
- Automated timesheet reminders, e-mail notifications, automated reporting.
- Approval workflows: automated e-mails to approving managers.
- Time entry for offline and offsite employees.
- Receive e-mail notification when targets for time or costs have been reached.
- Attach receipts to any expense entry, in any currency. Supports various formats including: pdf, jpg, png, gif, tif, txt, doc, xls.
- Specify a lockout date after which no time can be entered or submitted.
- Multi currency support for each project, rate, or expense entered into the software.
- Auto-retrieve world rates from OANDA.
- Ad Hoc report builder; customize, create and automate reports.
- Security permissions, full audit trail, limited access security.
- Enter expenses for kilometers, miles, or any rate-based expense.
- Integration: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, Intuit QuickBooks.

There is an additional add-on for project planning that can increase the features to:

- Project schedule: plan work, timeline and costs based on resource availability.
- Gantt chart: provides graphical illustration of the projet schedule.
- Budgets vs Actuals: compare estimate and actual values for total project hours, company costs and client costs.

In terms of pricing, the good news is that there is a "Basic" Free package:

- Basic Free package: one user, unlimited projects & tasks, email support only.
- Pro package: $12.00 per month per user, unlimited projects & tasks, time & expense tracking, ad-hoc report builder.
- Pro plus: $15 per month per user, all features of the Pro package plus: project planning, resource scheduling and project forecasting.

We did not find any specifications about storage capacity; so at this point as Dovico focuses exclusively on time sheet automation there is no feature yet related to content management. You could upload receipts to any expense entry - but not necessarily project related documentation - for the time being. If your organization is in the need of timesheet automation, Dovico is a simple yet complete option you should be looking into.

Posted on March 03, 2014

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