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Comidor Enterprise Collaboration CRM and Project Management

Comidor Enterprise Collaboration CRM and Project Management

Sometimes the line the divides your sales processes from your customer projects are bound to be crossed; specially during the fast pace at which business is driven today. Your customers are demanding service while your sales team are still working out the details. Comidor is a SaaS powertool for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises that can help in that specific area: collaboration tools (E-mail, Calendar, Tasks and more) and project management tools (Resource Planning, Gantt Charts, Scheduling and more) coupled with light CRM features (Leads, Opportunities, Marketing Campaigns and more).

With offices in Greece, the Comidor team provides their solution with 3 deployment capabilities: Cloud, OnPremise, Mobile. Comidor is empowered by the jPlaton Technology, an integrated design, development and runtime environment (platform) for Open, Distributed and Enterprise Applications.

Comidor�s modules (Collaboration, Project Management, Finance and Customer Relationship Management) provide a broad spectrum of functionalities that are useful for various types of companies and organizations.

Collaboration features
- Profile management: Create and maintain your business profile.
- E-mail integration: Connect unlimited email accounts to Comidor.
- Contacts management: Create new or import your existing contacts from gmail, yahoo, outlook or from your customized CSV files.
- Accounts management: Create accounts for your customers, partners, etc. and link these to your existing contacts to boost your market awareness.
- Organizational chart: "drag and drop" groups and users on your organizational chart.
- Organizer: Manage events, tasks and issues.
- Activity Streaming: Follow the feeds of your co-workers and receive real-time streams of their activities and content.
- Social Networking: Import contacts from linkedIn and Twitter to get the latest feeds.
- Community collaboration tools: Engage in real-time text chatting, video, message threading and polls.
- File Version control (including who changed it, date/time of changes, etc.)
- Wikis: Unlock collaborative enterprise content, and consolidate team-based knowledge and information assets.

Project Management features
- Resource Planning: Plan resources (human, tangibles and intangibles) such as personnel, equipment, effort, knowledge etc.
- Schedule/Task Management: Create and modify schedules and tasks on demand at any phase. Schedules are flexible and agile encompassing all necessary information (time and resources).
- Powerful Gantt charts: Create and adapt your Gantt charts on the fly and see the changes reflected on your tasks, orders and resources.
- Scrum enabled: Create agile projects by providing tools tailored to the Agile methodology.
- Budget forecasting: Obtain dynamic budget forecasts, automatically synchronized with any resource allocations on demand.
- Requirements: Assign requirements to schedules, tasks and deliverables.
- Value Centers: Exploit your schedules as cost and value centers and monitor your project�s finances at any given time.
- Milestones, Deliverables management: Set and modify deliverables and milestones at project, task and resource level. Link and synchronize these with other deliverables and milestones from multiple projects.
- Powerful Reports: Know your project�s whereabouts by exploring the flexibility and power of your reports. Trace tasks, schedules, resources, progress based on a plethora of criteria such as: time, cost, resources, deliverables etc.

CRM Features
- Leads/Opportunities: Create and manage your leads and opportunities and link these to your sales force personnel.
- Marketing Campaigns: Schedule and create campaigns with advanced customer � lead feedback analytics and reports
- Sales Forecasting: Create your sales forecasts based on your financial information streams
- Reports and Graphs: Obtain your sales Pipeline and Sales Funnels and categorize your data based on opportunities, leads, time etc.

Comidor Pricing
Comidor is priced so you get all features for $15 per user per month. If you need more than 50 users, or customization/additional services then you can contact Comidor for a custom pricing. Trial version is also available: try all Comidor modules without restrictions for 30 days with all features and up to 1GB storage.

Posted on August 02, 2014

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