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Apptivo not only online Project Management

Apptivo not only online Project Management

In our search and review of on-line project management software tools, we came across Apptivo. In a nutshell, Apptivo help small businesses manage their projects, automate time tracking & invoicing, increase customer engagement using CRM and enhance web presence by employing business website integrations with WordPress. Of course, our interest in Apptivo is about their project management functionality and if it can really support small businesses operations.

As per their website, Apptivo maintains offices in the USA and India, and have developed +40 apps to support the day-to-day operations of small businesses. In addition to Project Management, Apptivo provide SaaS hosted solutions to support Financials, CRM, Human Resources, Web Presence, Supply Chain, Marketing and Product Management.

What does Apptivo Project Management support?

- Comprehensive Work Structure: You can create and manage projects and their corresponding Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) using milestones, sub-projects, tasks and sub-tasks. You can also integrate appointments, emails, to-do-lists, call logs or faxes into your projects. For each project you can set a status and priority.

- Project and sub-projects: You can link an existing project as a sub-project of another one, which is nice especially during software development engagements.

- Project Templates: You can create Projects or Sub-Projects from templates or from previously created Projects.

- Project Team: You can include your own employees in a team but also include contacts from customers.

- Project Timesheets: You can create and manage timesheets and its corresponding approval workflow. Timesheets can be defined for specific tasks or for a project. You can also attach activities for a timesheet such as tasks, appointments, to-dos, call logs, emails or faxes.

- Project Notes: You can create and log notes for each project.

- File attachments: You can upload documents to projects and timesheets.

- Access Control and Permissions: You can customize the user access control based on roles. For instance, employees can only see their projects or enable them to see other projects as well.

- Mobile access: iPhone app is available.

- Newsfeed: You can configure the app to provide a newsfeed based on new items or changes to existing items such as tasks, documents, milestones, priorities, team member changes, etc.

Looking for more than just Project Management? Apptivo plays their strengths on the fact that they can provide you with access to other apps so that you can complete your business workflow. Their project management app can seamlessly be integrated to:

- Apptivo Invoices: You can create invoices for your services, projects and timesheets. Track invoices, payment terms, discounts and actual payments (paypal, wire transfer, google checkout, etc.). Set up discounts, invoice templates and currency settings. For every invoice, you can enter activities such as tasks, appointments, to-dos, call log, email and fax. Here the objective is that you can complete your project lifecycle if you provide services to your customers.

- Apptivo Customers: This module acts like a CRM software. You can create, and even upload, customers. Create and track sales leads and opportunities. For every customer you can define categories, market or segment information, territory and also define custom attributes. You can track your sales activities (tasks, appointments, to-dos, call log, email, fax) per customer. Upload sales documents and proposals and set up notifications based on new items or changes to existing ones.

- Apptivo Cases: Similar to Apptivo Customers, this module is a Case Management software. You can log and track cases reported by your customers. Whether you provide a service or a product, Apptivo Cases can be integrated to your own website, so customer provide feedback or report issues. Depending on the case, you can assign it to a project or to a follow-up activity, so feedback is not lost and your service or product becomes better.

- Apptivo Requirements: In addition to manage projects, Apptivo allows you to create and track project requirements. This can work as means to ensure that everything that was promised to a client is being executed. Whether you provide a service and want to log the statement of work or whether you develop a product and need to track the business requirements, now everything is consolidated to ensure quality.

What about Apptivo Pricing? Good news is that there is a Free plan (albeit very limited in storage space but with proper functionality):

- Standard Plan: Free, Unlimited users and projects, up to 100MB storage space, Forum and Email support. You have access to CRM, Projects, Invoicing, Timesheets and other Apptivo apps.

- Professional Plan: $4.00 per user per month, unlimited projects, up to 500MB storage space per user, similar to standard plan in terms of support.

- Premium Plan: $10.00 per user per month, unlimited projects, up to 3GB storage space per user, phone support and API access.

- Enterprise: $25.00 per user per month, unlimited projects, up to 5GB storage space per user, phone support and API access.

All paid plans provide personalized branding, access control and user permissions, message templates and custom attributes.

Our Verdict: Apptivo is intended to provide a complete hosted software solution to small businesses, it can cover a wide range of applications including Financials, Human Resources and even Supply Chain. Their project management functionality is not directed to support complex multinational or engineering projects, but it does exactly what small organizations are looking for. Expand project management automation to invoicing, CRM, helpdesk; and Apptivo will shine over other project management collaboration tools. In summary, Apptivo is an online project management collaboration tool that can expand to your whole organization.

Posted on August 21, 2012

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