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Online Project Management Software: Podio

Work the way you want to. Podio is fully customizable; you can create your own apps for online collaboration. Podio Project Management Collaboration Platform biggest advantage: rich social web functionality and its one million Apps installed.

Podio - Social Followers:

Social PlatformFollowersAs % of Total
Total Followers:46,928100.00

The above table shows Podio followers as of February 06, 2017

Podio - Price Plans:

Podio FreeFree Plan1-5UnlimitedUnlimited
Podio Basic$9.00/User/Month-UnlimitedUnlimited
Podio Plus$14.00/User/Month-UnlimitedUnlimited
Podio Premium$24.00/User/Month-UnlimitedUnlimited
Total: 4 Plans
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